Preparing for installation on Mac OS/X

We explain here how to prepare a proper Python development environment for use with Reahl on Mac OS/X together with one or two things also needed by Reahl. When you’ve done this, you still need to install Reahl itself in a virtualenv – (but that’s a one-liner).

Python and basic development tools

On Mac OS/X, you need a proper installation of Python (ie., not the standard Python that comes with the OS), you need a C compiler, Python development header files and homebrew to make installing what you need easier.

Installing all these as well as the necessary Python development tools is explained excellently on The Hitchhiker’s guide to Python.

Here is the super-short summary:

  • Install XCode, open it, go to Preferences, select Download and install “Command Line Tools”

  • Install Homebrew by running:

    ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
  • Put Homebrew in your path

  • Install python:

    brew install python
  • Have some coffee.

Additional necessary packages for a Reahl installation

Reahl will need a few additional packages to be installed. To install them, simply run:

brew install libxml2 libxslt sqlite

The first two (libxml2 and libxslt) are used by some of our testing infrastructure, and sqlite is the database used by the tutorial examples.

Remember to go back and install Reahl itself in a virtualenv!