Preparing for installation on Windows

We explain here how to prepare a proper Python development environment for use with Reahl on Windows. When you’ve done this, you still need to install Reahl itself in a virtualenv – (but that’s a one-liner).

Python and basic development tools

On Windows, you need to install Python and a number of standard Python development tools.

Installing all of this is explained excellently on The Hitchhiker’s guide to Python.

Here is the super-short summary:

  • Download Python from the official website (version 2.7 or 3.3), and install it.

  • Ensure that your path includes both the directory where the Python executable is located as well as Python’s “Scripts” directory.

  • Install setuptools:
    • download from the setuptools project on bitbucket.
    • run (right-click, then choose “Open with > Python”)
  • Install virtualenv (don’t bother with pip, it cannot install binary packages needed for Windows):
    • In a command prompt window, execute:
    easy_install virtualenv

Remember to go back and install Reahl itself in a virtualenv!

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