Module reahl.component.config

The Reahl configuration utilities.


class reahl.component.config.Configuration

A collection of ConfigSettings for a component. To supply configuration for your component, subclass from this class and assign each wanted ConfigSetting as a class attribute. Assign the required filename and config_key class attributes in your subclass as well. The resultant class should also be listed in the .reahlproject file of your component in a <configuration> element.

filename = None

The name of the config file from which this Configuration will be read.

config_key = None

The variable name to which an instance of this Configuration will be bound when reading filename


class reahl.component.config.ConfigSetting(default=<class 'reahl.component.config.ExplicitSettingRequired'>, description='No description supplied', dangerous=False, automatic=False)

Used to define one configuration setting on a Configuration.

  • default – The default value to be used if not specified in a config file.
  • description – A user readable description explaining what this ConfigSetting is for.
  • dangerous – Set this to True, if a warning should be emitted when used with the supplied default value.
  • automatic – Set this to True for a ConfigSetting which is meant to be used for dependency injection.


class reahl.component.config.EntryPointClassList(name, description='Description not supplied')

A ConfigSetting which is not set by a user at all – rather, its value (a list of classes or other importable Python objects) is read from the entry point named name.

  • name – The name of the entry point to read.
  • description – (See ConfigSetting)

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