Layout and styling using Bootstrap (experimental)

In this version of Reahl, we introduce Widgets and Layouts that are based on Bootstrap.

At the time of release of Reahl 3.2, Bootstrap version 4 was still in alpha and under heavy development. For this reason, the bootstrap support here is not enabled by default and is seen as experimental.

In Reahl 4.0, these Bootstrap versions of Widgets and Layouts will become the only out-of-the-box styled Widgets supported – our current home-grown styled Widgets will disappear.

The experimental support for Bootstrap 4 is included here so that we can gain experience with these ideas in the meantime, and so that you can start using them to see how they work.

The version of Bootstrap included here is a vanilla version of Bootstrap 4 alpha 2. There is no supported way to change Bootstrap variables and recompile using Sass. That will change in future. There are ways around this limitation if you know what you’re doing. Please talk to us on the mailing list if you want to push past this boundary.


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