Package reahl.web.bootstrap.files

New in version 3.2.

Styled Inputs that allow a user to choose or upload files.


class reahl.web.bootstrap.files.FileInputButton(form, bound_field)

A single button which activated the browser’s file choice dialog when clicked. The chosen file will only be uploaded once the user clicks on any Button associated with the same Form as this Input.



class reahl.web.bootstrap.files.FileInput(form, bound_field)

A visual combination of a two buttons and a status area. When the user clicks on the ‘Choose file’ button, the browser’s file choice dialog is activated. Once chosen the file name that was chosen is shown in the status area. The last button will upload this file when clicked (it is automatically clicked is the user’s JavaScript is enabled).



class reahl.web.bootstrap.files.FileUploadInput(form, bound_field, name=None)

A Widget that allows the user to upload several files. FileUploadInput makes use of JavaScript to save a user some time: once you choose a file, it is immediately uploaded to the server in the background so that you can continue choosing more files.

Controls are provided so you can cancel uploads that are in progress or remove ones that have finished. While a file is uploading a progress bar is also shown.