Module reahl.domainui.bootstrap.accounts

A user interface for logging in, registering, etc using EmailAndPasswordSystemAccount.


class reahl.domainui.bootstrap.accounts.AccountUI(parent_ui, relative_base_path, slot_map, for_bookmark, name, **ui_arguments)

A user-facing UserInterface for logging in and managing your own login.

  • main_slot: All UI elements are put into this Slot for any View in this UserInterface.

Call AccountUI.get_bookmark() passing one of these relative URLs as the relative_url kwarg in order to get a Bookmark for the View listed below:

Here new users can register new user accounts on the system.
Here users can enquire what the status is of their registration. A registration may be pending because the user has not responded on a verification email, for example.
Here users can log in using an existing account.
This is the first step of resetting a user’s password. Resetting a password is a two-step process: the user first requests it, and then chooses a new password. In the first step, a secret is emailed to the registered email address. This has to be supplied during the second step.
This is the second (password choosing) step of resetting a user password.

Assemble this AccountUI.


An object with the following attributes, each of which is a Bookmark instance to a View explaining the listed legal document:

  • terms_bookmark: the terms of service
  • privacy_bookmark: the privacy policy
  • disclaimer_bookmark the disclaimer