Run more examples

Reahl comes with a number of examples. These are not self-explanatory – they are referred to all over in the rest of the tutorial to illustrate what is explained there.

Here is a cheat sheet when you come across an example in and you wonder how to run it.

Listing and checking out examples

To list all the examples that come with Reahl:

reahl listexamples

The list of example names this outputs are referred to all over in our documentation.

To get an example, run (e.g.):

reahl example tutorial.hello

This will create a directory “hello” in your current location containing the example.

Running examples

After first checking out an example, do the following before trying to run it:

  • Go to the checked out example:

    cd hello
  • Prepare the example for development:

    reahl setup -- develop -N
  • Create a database:

    reahl createdbuser etc
    reahl createdb etc
    reahl createdbtables etc

Once that is done, run the example:

reahl serve etc

Cleaning up

All examples use the same database. Before you run a different example, you need to remove the previous database:

reahl dropdb etc

To remove a previous example from development, run:

reahl setup -- develop -N --uninstall