Module reahl.web.bootstrap.navbar

New in version 3.2.

A Bootstrap Navbar is a header for a web application with all manner of useful content, including a navigation menu.


class reahl.web.bootstrap.navbar.ResponsiveLayout(collapse_below_device_class, center_contents=False, fixed_to=None, align_toggle_left=False, collapse_brand_with_content=False, colour_theme=None, bg_scheme=None, text=None)

Makes the Navbar responsive and collapseable depending on the device.

  • collapse_below_device_class – Which device class should trigger responsive collapsing. Valid values: xs, sm, md, lg, xl
  • fixed_to – May be one of ‘fixed-top’,’fixed-bottom’ or ‘sticky-top’. The Navbar will stick to the top or bottom of the viewport.
  • center_contents – If True, all the contents of the Navbar is centered within the Navbar itself.
  • align_toggle_left – If True align the toggle on the left (the default is to align it right).
  • collapse_brand_with_content – When set to True, the brand should collapse with the content.
  • colour_theme – Use ‘light’ for use with light background colors, or ‘dark’ with dark background colors.
  • bg_scheme – Whether the Navbar should use ‘primary’ colors, a ‘dark’ (light on dark) scheme or a ‘light’ background.
  • text – Text to be used on the toggle link. If None, the boostrap navbar-toggler-icon is used.

Override this method in subclasses to allow your Layout to change its Widget upon construction. There is no need to call super(), as the superclass implementation does nothing.