Package reahl.web.bootstrap.tabbedpanel

New in version 3.2.

TabbedPanels are used to save space by stacking different panels on top of one another. While each panel has its own contents only the top panel is visible, thus taking up visual space of only one such panel.


class reahl.web.bootstrap.tabbedpanel.TabbedPanel(view, nav_layout=None)

A Widget that appears as having multiple panels of content stacked on top of one another – with only one panel visible at a time.

Each content panel appears to have a label sticking out (its “tab”). When the user clicks on a different Tab, its panel is raised to the top and thus made visible. This is done without refreshing the entire page, provided that JavaScript is available on the user agent.


Add a panel for the given Tab to this TabbedPanel.

Parameters:tab – The Tab to be added.


class reahl.web.bootstrap.tabbedpanel.Tab(view, title, tab_key, contents_factory)

One Tab in a TabbedPanel, including the contents that should be displayed for it.

  • view – (See reahl.web.fw.Widget)
  • title – The label Text that is displayed inside the Tab itself.
  • tab_key – A name for this tag identifying it uniquely amongst other Tabs in the same TabbedPanel.
  • contents_factory – A reahl.web.fw.WidgetFactory specifying how to create the contents of this Tab, once selected.


class reahl.web.bootstrap.tabbedpanel.MultiTab(view, title, tab_key)

A composite tab. Instead of a single choice for the user, clicking on a MultiTab results in a dropdown menu with more choices for the user. These second-level choices are navigable tabs.