Paging long lists

The howtos.pagerbootstrap example lets a user page though a very long list of Addresses, displaying only a managable number at a time.

Three objects play a role in this scenario:

class AddressBookPanel(Div):
    def __init__(self, view):

        self.add_child(H(view, 1, text='Addresses'))

        self.page_index = SequentialPageIndex(Address.all_addresses(), items_per_page=5)
        self.address_list = AddressList(view, self.page_index)
        self.page_menu = PageMenu(view, 'page_menu', self.page_index, self.address_list)

        self.add_children([self.page_menu, self.address_list])

Since AddressList is a PagedPanel, it automatically refreshes and computes its current_contents based on the given SequentialPageIndex.

class AddressList(PagedPanel):
    def __init__(self, view, page_index):
        super().__init__(view, page_index, 'addresslist')
        for address in self.current_contents:
            self.add_child(P(view, text='%s: %s' % (, address.email_address)))

Other implementations of PageIndex are possible, such as AnnualPageIndex which arranges all items with the same year together.


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