Module reahl.web.dhtml

Static pages that are included on the fly inside Views.


class reahl.web.dhtml.DhtmlUI(parent_ui, relative_base_path, slot_map, for_bookmark, name, **ui_arguments)

A UserInterface which serves content from the static directory configured in web.staticroot. If a given Url maps directly to a file in this directory, that file is normally served as-is. If the filename ends on .d.html, however, the file is parsed, and the div inside it with id equal to static_div_name is read into the main_slot of a View. The title of the current View is also taken from the <title> of the static page.


static_div_name – The id of the <div> to insert as main_slot of this UserInterface.


Programmers override this method in order to define the contents of their UserInterface. This mainly means defining Views or other UserInterfaces inside the UserInterface being assembled. The default implementation of assemble is empty, so there’s no need to call the super implementation from an overriding implementation.