What changed in version 5.1


To upgrade a production system, install the new system in a new virtualenv, then migrate your database:

reahl migratedb etc

Split out projects

The main focus of this release of Reahl is that we rearranged documentation to highlight the companion components that could be used without the Reahl web framework. We have also split out a new project (reahl-browsertools) so it also can easily be used without installing the rest of the Reahl components or reahl-web.


The Reahl component framework was always an independent component, but the documentation has been rewritten to make sure it is explained in its own right.


Web testing tools used in the development of Reahl is now split out into its own component so that it can be used when developing applications using any web framework.


Tofu provides class based Fixtures used in tests. Documentation of Tofu has been rearranged to be consistent with our other projects.


Stubble helps you write stub classes that cannot mask changes to the classes they stand in for. Documentation of Stubble has been rearranged to be consistent with the other projects.

Licensing changes

Since its inception all parts of Reahl have been licensed using the AGPL. At the time, we felt that a strict license is a good idea for a project that still needs to mature. The time has now come to selectively ease up on the license.

The licensing of supporting components for development have been changed from AGPL to LGPL. These components (reahl-stubble, reahl-tofu and the newly split out reahl-browsertools) are meant to be used in development only, so the more restrictive license did not make sense for them.

A lot of unique functionality is contained in reahl-component. We have decided to change its license to LGPL in order to make it easier for others to use in their environment.

The rest of the components (reahl-web and related components) are still AGPL licensed.

Your code that imports our code that is LGPL licensed, does not need to be licensed using a copyleft license. If the public can access your web application which uses our AGPL code, then your code also needs to use a compatible license.

If you want to use any part of Reahl without the restrictions of these licenses, we are quite open to negotiate exceptions to the relevant licenses with individual clients. We fund the development of Reahl using such agreements.


Some HOWTO examples were added:


How to change your styling using a custom compile of bootstrap’s SASS sources.


Run one site accessed by many customers, with each customer having its own domain name and the site styled differently depending on the domain.


How to host your web application in a docker container.

The howtos.helloapache example was removed.

Support for Python 3.5

This version drops support for Python 3.5 which has reached its end-of-life and stopped receiving security updates in 2020.

Updated dependencies

Some included thirdparty JavaScript and CSS libraries were updated:

  • Bootstrap to 4.5.3

  • JQuery.validate was updated to 1.19.3 (and patched).

  • JQuery.form to 4.3.0

  • Popper to 1.16.1

  • holder to 2.9.9

  • underscore 1.13.1 (fixes CVE-2021-23358)