A basic application

We are going to write a simple address book application. It has:

  • a single page showing a list of email addresses; and

  • a way to add a new email address on the same page.

    A visual schematic showing what the application home page should contain.

    The home page – schematically.

This application, simple as it may seem, spans a number of development concerns that will be explained along the way:

  • It has a design, and an object oriented one at that;

  • It persists objects from its design into a relational database, and thus must do some form of object relational mapping;

  • It displays stuff on the screen;

  • It validates that input received from a user is legal; and

  • It executes actions on the server in response to user actions.

Later on in the tutorial increasingly complicated variations of this simple application are used to introduce other concepts.

For now, though, this application will be built up bit by bit in these steps:

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