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Learn what Reahl is about

It takes effort to learn a new way of thinking, and Reahl requires a new way of thinking about web applications. Putting the effort in to try and get what we're dreaming about is an investment in itself.

We're happy to put our time into helping you on this journey.

Try it out on real problems

An actual scenario of something you'd like to build may present a problem without an obvious solution. It may be that your thinking about the problem is not well aligned with Reahl ideals, or it may be that the core model of Reahl itself needs adjustment or refinement to accommodate your requirements.

We've already encountered many such problems leading to difficult debates about how to deal with them – this is what fuels Reahl's journey to maturity. To assess solutions we often program more than one such solution, just to end up understanding why we will throw away all but one implementation in the end.

Your feedback from such a real scenario is valuable to us! We're prepared to put in the effort to understand your scenario, debate it and learn from it. We may even change Reahl to adapt to what we learn in this way.

Create your own widgets

Reahl needs more widgets, and more interesting widgets. Building a widget can mean that you'd have to confront all the web technologies we're trying to hide from a programmer head-on. It means a steeper learning curve in order to hide the nasty bits from others.

If you are a programmer you can also program possible solutions to the problem, which we may incorporate into Reahl itself.

We have particular values about the design of code, and we'll also compliment your coding effort by guiding you according to our coding principles and values.

Become part of our core team

We have to grow our core team, but not too much! If you are prepared to contribute regularly, and to develop a good working relationship with our current core team we may just invite you to become part of the core team.

By that time, you'll have risked some of your time and effort just like we did to get where we currently are. Becoming part of the core team also means becoming part of the company to which we assign ownership of Reahl copyright – the company represents our core programmers.