We're breaking new ground here — there's no map for that! We do have our eyes set on a goal and can tell you how we're coming along and where we are headed next.

Reahl is usable right now. It has features that deal with all the basic needs of a system in production and we are careful to keep releases with same minor version number backwards compatible.

Reahl does still have some ways to go to fulfil some of its dreamy goals: some CSS is provided currently, but you will probably still have to roll your own stylesheet to make a really good-looking site. When you provide an abstract vocabulary like what we're doing with Reahl, it inevitably also limits what you can do. This means some fancier user interface effects may be beyond your grasp until we provide support for them.

Our next targets are to base all our more complicated Widgets and Layouts on Bootstrap in the future. In Reahl 3.2 we started moving in this direction by including experimental support for this using the alpha version of Bootstrap 4 available at the time. Next we're planning to enhance this support, allowing you to build a modified version of Bootstrap using Sass and to support more advanced user interface patterns, such as this one.

We would like to use input from people using Reahl to guide us and set our priorities.

Stay in touch!

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Current activity on Reahl (and thus more up-to-date detail of what we're doing) is tracked on Github.