Reahl is an experimental project — an attempt at a new way of thinking about web applications.

In order to fund our own time working on the project we founded a company, Reahl Software Services. We consult to clients via this company for an income while allocating part of our time to our work on Reahl. Copyright of Reahl code is also assigned to Reahl Software Services.

We have invested a lot of our time to turn the ideals behind Reahl into a concrete implementation. We do not have the resources to perfect Reahl, or to build in all the features we'd like to. Gathering a community around Reahl would help fulfil these goals better.

Since we mix a company with a free software project, we have to make a promise to the community: we will always keep Reahl available under an open source license that guarantees the freedoms you expect to have regarding use of the code.

How we'll manage the process

We guard the design of Reahl carefully to ensure it stays clean and maintainable. For this reason, Reahl is run as a benevolent dictatorship, with a small number of core programmers. We are still adjusting to moving our thoughts and development ideas into the public space. More details on this process will be published here as they evolve.

Problems and solutions are to be discussed on the reahl-discuss mailing list. The outcome of these discussions will end up as Issues on Github, from where they are prioritised and taken further (or not).