Install Reahl

This version of Reahl requires version 3.8 of Python or greater.

If you know Docker then use our Docker dev box. It contains a venv with Reahl installed. Otherwise, follow the instructions below:

Install Python with virtualenv support

On Linux, do:

  • Install Python:

    sudo apt-get install python3 python3-venv

On Mac, do:

  • Install Homebrew:

    /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"
  • Install python using homebrew:

    brew install python

On Windows, do (in a command shell):

  • Download and install Chocolatey.

  • Install Python (in an Administrator shell): choco install python.

Create a virtualenv

On Linux or Mac, do:

python3 -m venv ./reahl_env

On Windows, do (in a command shell):

python -m venv reahl_env

This creates a new directory reahl_env with an isolated Python environment inside it.

Activate the virtualenv

On Linux or Mac:

source ./reahl_env/bin/activate

On Windows:


Your prompt should change to reflect the active virtual environment.

Install Reahl in the virtualenv

With your virtualenv activated, install Reahl:

python -m pip install 'reahl[declarative,sqlite,dev,doc]'

Reahl is composed of different components—you only need some of them. The pip extras (given in [] above) let you choose what to install.

You can install:


The SqlAlchemy declarative implementation of the web framework


The development tools


Documentation and examples


Support for sqlite databases


Support for postgresql databases


Support for MySQL databases


With reahl installed, you can now: