Reahl installation

We recommend installing Reahl within a sandboxed Python environment provided by virtualenv. Doing this means that your main Python installation is left in the state it currently is, and that you do not need permissions of restricted users to install all the extra Python packages when developing.

Prepare your platform for Python development

Before you can install Reahl itself, you need to install several pieces of software on your platform (including Python and several Python development tools like virtualenv). This differs from platform to platform – please follow the instructions for your platform:

Create a virtualenv and install Reahl inside it

If you followed the instructions above, virtualenv should have been installed with the packages listed above. You need to now create a virtual environment using virtualenv.

On Linux or Mac, do:

virtualenv ./reahl_env

On Windows, do (in a command shell):

virtualenv reahl_env

This creates a new directory reahl_env with an isolated Python environment inside it.

In order to work inside that isolated environment, you need to execute the following on the command line:

On Linux or Mac:

source ./reahl_env/bin/activate

On Windows:


After activating your new environment, the prompt of the command line changes to reflect the environment that is currently active.

With your virtualenv activated, Reahl can be installed into it by issuing:

easy_install reahl[elixir,sqlite,dev,doc]


If you’re tempted to install using pip, be warned that on Windows that won’t work... pip cannot install binary packages, and many of Reahl’s dependencies are distributed in binary form for Windows.

This may run a while, as it installs all of the projects Reahl depends on as well. Some of these dependencies are installed and built from source, hence, this process needs your platform to be prepared properly for Python development before you attempt to install Reahl.

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