Install Reahl

This version of Reahl requires version 2.7 of Python 2 or versions of Python greater than 3.3.

Reahl depends on a lot of other software. Installing it is not just a straight pip3 install reahl. You need to install a couple of other things first.

If you know Vagrant then use our Vagrant box. It contains a virtualenv with Reahl installed. Otherwise, follow the instructions below:

  1. Prepare your platform
  1. Create a virtualenv

    On Linux or Mac, do:

    virtualenv ./reahl_env

    On Windows, do (in a command shell):

    virtualenv reahl_env

    This creates a new directory reahl_env with an isolated Python environment inside it.

  2. Activate the virtualenv

    On Linux or Mac:

    source ./reahl_env/bin/activate

    On Windows:


    Your prompt should change to reflect the active virtual environment.

  3. Install Reahl in the virtualenv

    With your virtualenv activated, install Reahl:

    pip3 install reahl[declarative,sqlite,dev,doc]

    Reahl is composed of different components—you only need some of them. The pip extras (given in [] above) let you choose what to install.

    You can install:


    The SqlAlchemy declarative implementation of the web framework


    The development tools


    Documentation and examples


    Support for sqlite databases


    Support for postgresql databases


    Support for MySQL databases


    You need pip > 6 (for wheel support) on Windows.

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