What changed in version 2.1

Based on some feedback from first users, changes were made to simplify the learning curve of getting to know Reahl. Backwards-compatibility remains, just in case...


Certain classes and methods were renamed:

The Region rename also prompted the following methods to be renamed:

  • .define_region() to .define_user_interface()
  • .define_regex_region() to .define_regex_user_interface()

Pages directly on Views

One can now directly specify the page to be rendered for a View upon calling .define_view(). This means that it is not necessary to understand the concept of a Slot and related complexities when just building a simple app.

Migrations (since 2.1.2)

Migrations have grown up a bit in version 2.1.2 to be able to deal with migrations involving database objects that have dependencies amongst each other.

Migrations now consist of calls that are scheduled for execution during one of several predefined migration phases. Phases are then executed in order. See Database schema evolution for a full explanation.

Table support (since 2.1.2)

Previous versions did not support tables. In this version reahl.web.ui.Table was added for basic table support. Tables can also be generated complete with headers and data for a given list of data items. See reahl.web.ui.Table.from_columns() for more information.

reahl.web.table.DataTable adds support for displaying tables that are too big to fit on a single page. Such tables are spread amongst different pages that the user can page between. These tables can also be sorted (server-side).

Deprecation warnings (since 2.1.2)

Deprecation warnings are now shown when running tests. Reahl’s own deprecation warnings used to use the logging system, but are also now using Python’s standard warnings module.

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